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]As it is known, the company «ASSUR», which has a perpetual license for insurance activity of financial risks, since October 18, 2016, secures E-Dinar Coin deposits not only from cyber-attacks but also from the exchange rate changes and even from the risks related to the capability of cryptocurrency exchange.

We would like to inform our members and partners, the insurance company «ASSUR» has made payments to 92 users due to the E-Dinar Coin exchange rate fluctuations. Total payments amounted to $ 230,000.

A significant increase in the popularity of cryptocurrency – decentralized digital means of payment – is causing suspicion and negative reaction of fiat money representatives in many countries, as they do not want to lose their position in the currency market. In terms of openness and variability of modern financial markets, it is difficult to fully protect your cryptocurrency capital, therefore the insurance of financial risks is becoming increasingly important, especially if you provide a full package of insurance: the risk of fluctuations in exchange rates, the risk of changes in the currency purchasing ability, the risk of cyber attacks and activities by illegal hackers.

E-Dinar Coin always makes sure that each user would get a reliable exchange and security of other financial transactions with EDR cryptocurrency.

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