How does the current algorithm of mining work? What is its function?


The commission fee for the transfer, which is charged after the transaction of the entire units has been conducted, shows the activity of the wallet. This indicator is assigned to the account during the transaction in the amount of not less than EDC 1 is committed, and which is valid within the next 24 hours or until the first daily accrual. The node of the transaction processing, receiving information from the indicators, include the wallet of the “owner” of the indicator in the list of active wallets, thereby opening access to mining.
After every mining accruing activity, the indicator turns off and the user should make a transaction to reactivate the indicator.
The wallets with inactive indicators remain invisible to the node, and the load that comes from those wallets is minimized, enabling the distribution of the available power on the basis of the needs of other network members.
And this, in its turn, prevents a possible increase of the term of the transaction confirmation due to the growing number of active members of the network. To date, the time limit of transaction confirmation amounts to 5-25 seconds. In this case, it will provide the most instant transaction processing and comfortable usage of the wallet for all network members.
Inactive accounts which are used only for storage of funds will operate in a full mode as active accounts except daily mining accruing.
In order to re-engage in mining, it is necessary to activate the indicator through making a transaction in the amount of EDC 1 or more (excluding commission for transfer).