This section is designed to allow third parties to have access to the accounts of the current account of the stock market.


In order to give an account access to your account:

  1. Enter the account name in the special field
  2. specify the 'weight' of the account (a random number)
  3. confirm the addition by clicking on the "ADD" button


Accounts added appear in the list (the lowest note in the list with a weight of 1 is the current account of the stock market) these settings you need to publish in Blockchain the button "publich CHAINGES"


The settings are published!

This account has received access to the current account of the stock market. In other words, the account holder has added the ability to have the funds in the portfolio at its own discretion.


Deletion of the account in the list.


To remove an account from the list of permits – click "Delete"


Scholarship button is removed from the list, but for the settings to take effect, you must publish the changes to Blockchain pressing "publich CHAINGES"


To complete the adjustments that you have to enter the password of the account in which you are.


Removing the account from the access list is successful!