Use the function create backups here – you can save a backup of the Exchange to perform or later retrieval. You can do it in a way:

Create backup brainkey – creation of mnemonic code
With the help of the ticker you can recover your account on your mobile device.


To create a code – choose settings create backup brainkey and come into special password on the area of your account, then click on "show brainkey".


Open the page with a long letter of code.
Copy the text and save it somewhere safe. He better write by hand in the sheet of paper, so it will not to third parties, even if your device is lost or hacked.

Carefully read the recommendations, after confirmation you save code, click on "IVE WRITTEN IT DOWN"

The private key and the BRAINKEY are essential to restore access to your account. Be sure to save a copy of the private key, and BRAINKEY, only with their help, you will be able to regain access to your money, even if you forgot your name or password.