The website ( is designed to provide the information concerning the advantages and possibilities of the E-Dinar Coin cryptocurrency. You can register on the website and download the crypto-wallet for your devices. Desktop and mobile versions for the most popular operating systems are available. Instructions on how to use the account is available in the Information section to help the owners of crypto-wallets. FAQ section is available on the website as well.

In the Marketing Plan section, you can find more about the unique, referral program, designed specifically for E-Dinar Coin.

According to the forecasts of financial analysts, E-Dinar Coin is expected to grow on a steady rate due to a new approach to the crypto code and a unique solution as the introduction of referral cryptocurrency program. Any coin rate is set depending on supply and demand, we believe that the lack of analogs as well as high validity will provoke a sharp growth rate in 2017.

You will be able to buy E-Dinar Coin on your own on the E-Dinar internal exchange or on external exchanges. Currently, we are actively negotiating with the management of the top-ranked, and discussing the terms and conditions of cooperation. Pay attention to the latest information posted by our Community. All the relevant information is placed in the tab “News” on website.As for now E-Dinar Coin is available on and , full list of connected exchanges you can see in the section Buy / Sell .

E-Dinar is an internal cryptocurrency operating on closed blockchain. Upon numerous requests from the participants of the community, E-Dinar launched E-Dinar Coin cryptocurrency, that already has an open code allowing to trade with EDC on external exchanges.

Source code can be provided to interesred parties upon request, in case they want to connect cryptocurrency to the app, more about connecting described under API.

E-Dinar Coin cryptocurrency is built using progressive technology Delegated PROOF-OF-STAKE (DPOS).

Firstly, the DPOS algorithm of E-Dinar Coin is a global distributed database, which is used as a ledger to keep track of digital assets. All updates in the ledger must be tested and applied in the correct order, as well as universally agreed, that allows the database to be consistent. The purpose of the delegated proof (DPOs) have to reach a consensus on the order in which updates should be applied. Any user can check the network condition by monitoring the level of participation of witnesses. E-Dinar Coin algorithm is developed in such a way that it can support the participation of 99% of witnesses. In turn, with the participation of 99% of witnesses, the deal has a 99% chance to be confirmed after one witness. This logic allows you to make and certify more than a hundred transactions within a time limit of 1-5 seconds.

Delegate is an account that is able to collect all the information about operations that are conducted within the blockchain system. After collecting the information, the data is analyzed and verified by the usage of the predetermined algorithm. Then Delegates save all operations in a chain of blocks. When a user sends EDCs to another user’s wallet, the information is transferred to the Delegates. The received information is processed and captured in the new block of chain. Then the renewed blocks are transmitted to Witnesses and the users’ wallets. The whole process in DPOS algorithm takes about 1-5 seconds.

Witnesses are the elements of blockchain, distributed proxy servers that work as an account book for all operations that are made within the blockchain system. The information is transmitted to the wallets of all E-Dinar Coin blockchain the users. Thus, everyone who has an E-Dinar Coin wallet can track all transactions that are conducted and fixed within the blockchain system.

Double-spending can occur whenever in the process of reorganization blockchain eliminates transactions, previously included in the chain of blocks. It means, that within this period some witnesses had significant problems with access to the network, caused by disruptions on the Internet. DPOs technology, which E-Dinar Coin took as a basis, provides the least probability of connection failure to allow double-spending. In other words, DPOs is one of the highly reliable tool against the possibility of double-spending.

From time to time, you need to upgrade the network to add new features. In the DPOs algorithm, all changes must be confirmed by the approval of interested parties. It is technically possible for the witnesses in the general agreement to change their software unilaterally, but doing it is not in their interest. Witnesses are selected, based on their positions of remaining neutral to blockchain policy, otherwise they can no longer serve as witnesses. Remaining neutral, a Witness protects itself against allegations, that it is an administrator / manager / owner / operator of the network. The witness is only an employee of the interested parties. Developers can make any necessary changes, only after these changes are agreed after the approval of the interested parties. This policy protects not only the developers, but also each of the interested parties, and ensures that no one has unilateral control over the management of the network.

Each transaction over the network further comprises a hash of the last block. If this is done, the deal inspectors can make sure that their transactions can not be applied to any blockchain, which is not included in this block.

E-Dinar Coin like any other decentralized cryptocurrency doesn’t have a single data center. Nevertheless, all the operations, that you make within E-DinarCoin system, are being processed, verified and fixed by blockchain. Delegates and Witnesses perform this function if it concerns DPOs. The mechanism of Proof of Stake is based on the need of storage proof of a certain amount of funds in the account. If you use this method, the cryptocurrency algorithm allocates new units obtained in proportion to the current balance on your wallet, according to the specified algorithms. Thus, obtained coins are transmitted to the wallets of the members who are the most loyal to E-Dinar Coin. The interest of the daily distribution amounts to 0.65% to the current balance of your wallet.