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As was reported earlier, E-Dinar Coin has launched a new mechanism of instant guaranteed transfer of funds for all cryptocurrency users at the exchange rate EDR 1: USD 1 together with the partnering exchangers. Terms of exchange:

Purchase at a fixed rate of US$ 1

Sale at a fixed rate of US$ 0,8

Mining – 0.65%

Sale of mining tools – US$ 0.8

Sale of referral bonuses – US$ 0.8

If funds appear on the wallet that were purchased not at the rate of 1: 1, they were not mined with the help of mining and are not a commission, then automatically the price of all EDRs in the wallet is calculated at the market rate.

The above conditions apply ONLY to exchangers listed below:

List of exchange offices operating at the rate 1 EDC = 1USD

What makes these exchangers special? And why do they only provide safe and high-quality cryptocurrency exchange at the rate of EDR 1: USD 1? Each of the listed exchangers concluded a contract with “ASSUR” insurance company, guaranteeing the security of deposits made in E-Dinar Coin, not only from cyber attacks but also from rate fluctuations and the risks associated with the cryptocurrency exchange.

As you know, the ASSUR company, having an unlimited license to conduct insurance activities against financial risks, insures the deposits in E-Dinar Coin starting from October 18, 2016.

The developers are confident that the new mechanism and deposit insurance will automatically ensure the growth of the E-Dinar Coin rate, increasing the cryptocurrency value, and once again prove that it is people who determine its value.

E-Dinar Coin always ensures that every user is provided with reliable exchange and security of other financial transactions with EDR cryptocurrency.

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