EDinarCoin is a cryptocurrency that generates profit while being environmentally friendly!

1st crypto-currency in the world that guarantees its volume growth up to 20% per month.

Environmentally friendly, using a secure and modern mining algorithm*, the E-DinarCoin is based on a technology of proof of participation without energy consumption (delegated Proof Of Stake – POS).

A virtual currency that is protected by a secure system using a cutting-edge, advanced and fast algorithm that consumes up to 50% less than SHA256 (Bitcoin).

It also plans to provide a sufficient number of coins to create independence from centralized financed funds to all residents of the Earth.

E-DinarCoin - The new era of cryptocurrency


  • It is a payment system with its own crypto-currency decentralized open source with a program of 22 billion E-Dinar corner 
  • Considered the biggest innovation of the financial world over the last years.
  • A fast and reliable money transfer and payment system based on the latest technologies
  • Allows you to recover your money anytime
  • E – DinarCoin is completely virtual, but you can exchange any e-DinarCoin for goods, services or tangible money and instantly send money anywhere in the world. The majority of the transactions are carried out without commissions.
The mission of community Internet E-DINAR is to unite the people on the general idea of the promotion and popularization of the community and its crypto-currency. Therefore, more benefits to the community provides the growth of E-DINAR up to 0.65% per day.
The main advantage of the cryptocurrencies is in their discretion, anonymity, and the absence of inflation. As you know, the level of centralized currency inflation causes an economic crisis every 4-5 years and confirms the history of the financial market in recent decades.
However, E-DINAR is an absolutely discreet payment system which has a positive influence on small and medium-sized enterprises. Thus, it is an effective method to combat inflation and to relieve small and medium-sized enterprises of fears about inflation, otherwise, inflation can cause huge losses and in addition, it can lead to fatal impact on investors.
And, E-DINAR has its own payments system, which can perform transactions and operations free https://p2p.e-dinar.asia/

Advantages of the Proof-of-Stake system

    • -No risk of piracy of mining
    • -Income from mining proportional to the balance of the portfolio
    • -Daily reward equivalent to 0.65% of the sum of the portfolio

E-DinarCoin algorithm

The process begins with the execution of the transaction validated by ten computers. Then comes the transaction and receipt of compensation. This is calculated based on the amount of the portfolio (up to 0.65% per day). Then, interest is credited on a daily basis.

Cryptocurrency with a code open source:


Check the working e-dinarcoin algorithm:


How does the current algorithm of mining work:


Ecological philosophy of the community E-Dinar

While the traditional cryptocurrencies have a sizeable carbon footprint on the planet, the mining of the EdinarCoin is meanwhile only using renewable wind and solar energy.

E DINAR works closely with independent private farms located in different parts of the world.
A portion of the income of E-DinarCoin will be invested in sustainable development (environmental and humanitarian projects, reduction of the greenhouse effect).



1. Open a wallet

Join the crypto-currency of new decentralised generation based on green energy and enjoy benefits such as:

-E – Free Wallet
-Access to the P2P bag
-Transfer without commission
-Full anonymity

2. Buy e-DinarCoin

E DINAR is a crypto-currency which allows to obtain various benefits while being respectful of the environment!

-Limited edition units
-Process of mining of 20% per month
-Immediate availability of your balance

3. Auto-MinAge

The auto-minage process will start automatically 24 hours after your first purchase of E-DinarCoin

-Finished by late 2022 extraction process
-Mining: 0.65% of the balance of the portfolio on a daily basis
-Automatic mining

Création de votre eWallet

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Download a eWallet and install it on your computer

(1- create your portfolio in Blockchain Wallet 2- download a portfolio and install it)

Blockchain Wallet

Web version of your door-mo

Windows Wallet

nnaieWindows Wallet is an electronic wallet for 32-bit Windows systems. It allows you to make transactions, send and receive funds. If Windows was installed on your computer. OS X W

OS X Wallet

The eWallet is an application for your MacOS. With the use of your wallet, you can do all the standard web-portfolio operations: the sending and receiving of funds, check your balance, etc. If you use MacOS, this wallet is for you.

Wallet for Linux

The Wallet for Linux is an online wallet with all the benefits E-Dinar. It allows you to get access to your E-Dinar pieces, make transactions, etc…

E-DINAR Guide de l'utilisateur

User Guide, where you can find all necessary information about E-Dinar

Buy E-DinarCoin on P2P Exchange or use exchangers!

plateforme Internet P2P Person to Person Exchange.,

The P2P Exchange E-DINAR allows to exchange all types of crypto-currency in the world, proposes more than 100 kinds of payment methods and the 500 biggest banks in the world

As a result of the dramatic increase in the number of start-ups and projects, P2P exchanges have become a usual pattern in World Affairs, thus reaching a leading position.

The great asset of this Exchange is the fact that users have all the tools to place almost all the currencies of the world, as well as to perform foreign exchange transactions, without resorting to transfer often costs very expensive.

E-DINAR – is currently the most effective alternative and practice the various banking institutions, which depend on their parent companies and are entirely subject to of multiply regulatory mechanisms. The process of validation of all the Exchange on a P2P Exchange E-DINAR ad hoc operations is very simple and requires just a few steps.

In just six months, the functioning of the financial market has reached a turnover of several million.

The system is undergoing its peak of popularity.

The Exchange platform (E-DINAR Exchange P2P) and crypto-currency (E-DinarCoin) are present on coinmarketcap.com, first global website that references the volume of offers and the capitalization of the official cryptocurrencies.
Click on the link to check the capitalization on P2P. E Dinar:
Click the link to check the EDinarCoin capitalization:

Place our applications on your mobile phone

The platform P2P E-Dinar and the crypto-currency EdinarCoin, which are already available for download on Google Play.

Plateforme P2P E-Dinar


Wallet EdinarCoin


Now that you know how to change the world, it's up to you to play!

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